Monday, April 26, 2010

Fuckhoo Breaking News: Hot Girls Don't have a Chance Anymore

Here’s one for the brunettes! And every other boring, average, plain-jane down to earth boring betty out there. The balances have finally tipped, and Congratulations, you’re more likely to get chosen by the man of your dreams if you’re a boring betty. Researchers aren’t sure if it’s because plain girls are just more attractive, or if hot blondes have finally ruined it for themselves permanently. One researcher suspects it’s actually the men. “Guys just want a nice, wholesome girlfriend these days. They’re tired of hot chicks who will rock their world” says Dr. Heatherington, a doctor of sociology and a dumb blonde joke-lover. This news comes as a relief to the gazillion boring bettys out there who were beginning to hate pretty girls. It’s alright, plain janes. You’ve got one up on them.