Monday, July 9, 2012

Lube shooters become club trend

Vancouver nightclubs have been taken over by a new kind of shooter. Eighteen year-olds are ordering them. Bachelorettes are ordering them. Everyone is ordering them. Lube shots.

Get ordered a Slippery Ripple and expect it to be somewhat literal. "They've practically replaced Jagar Bombs this summer. It's weird doing inventory and having to account for bottles of lube" says Sara, a bartender at Celebrities in Vancouver's West End. A Slippery Ripple is an aberrant concoction consisting of Butterscotch Schnapps and, you guessed it, raspberry flavored personal lubricant.

"They're actually quite good, kind of like Jello shooters" explains Sara as she demonstrates how the shot is made. The toffee colored schnapps is poured three quarters of the way into the shot glass, and the remaining quarter is filled to the brim with raspberry lube. The lube sinks down into the liquid and forms a gelatinous layer at the bottom that greases up the throat as it is swallowed by the drinker.

"It's all the rage. I think it's because of the sexuality that's attached to it. It's kind of become this reference to a blowjob. Like dudes will order each other this shot and it's code for 'lets go for a blowjob after this' kind of thing."

It all started off in swingers clubs where personal lubrication is practically a stocked item in the bar well. "We were just fooling around one day talking about how good lube flavors are and why aren't there liquors as good as lube" jokes Jason Leeks, owner of Club Eve in Surrey, BC. "Then we got the lubes out and started experimenting during an orgy. We came up with so many combinations."

With flavors like mint, tangerine, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, and even coffee, the lube shots being invented by the day seem endless. "People are even doing it at home, with their own lubes. Mixing like a Sour Puss with a warming cinnamon lube. It just gets you slippery and it's kinda good" Leeks explains. There's even a shot called the Pre-cum made with Grey Goose vodka, unflavored lube, and a dash of sea salt.

Health concerns? Not really. Most lubes on the market are edible and pose no health risk. Of course you wouldn't want to overdo it. "I don't know what happens if you drink too much lube" laughs Sara. "I imagine it might act as a bit of a suppository. It's great for a sore throat though!"