Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The penis is mightier than the blow: 5 reasons why rape is viable tool for wife batterers

Wife beating is a tactic that abusive husbands have used for centuries to control their wives. Beatings have lead to many an argument win, the silence of a voice, and the release of a hard day's built-up anger. But beatings have a dark side. Not only do they show on skin, they are likely to cause deep relationship problems that could end in hospitalization or worse, a manslaughter notch under your belt.

We've come up with five reasons why wife raping can be a valuable device used to avoid some of the above complications, and to add to the complexity of the abuse you've already bestowed upon your wife. Whether you'd prefer to give up hitting for raping altogether; or whether you'd like to add rape to your myriad of abuse tools, (which we highly recommend), we suggest you read the following in consideration of employing rape on your spouse during your next abuse session.

1. Raping gives you more control. As if you didn't have enough already, owning someone's sexuality is the most reliable way of controlling them. There's always room for more control, and as a wife beater you should always be looking for ways of getting more. Repeatedly raping your wife will cause her to lose any sense of freedom and keep her in fear. She will become numb and more likely to do what you threaten. Now is your chance to truly own your spouse. Consensual sex is not owning, it's sharing.

2. Bruises don't show on vaginas. Unless your wife is showing it to half the city (in which case we suggest digging a deeper hole in the backyard), the risk of this kind of abuse getting out to the public is low. We know how it is with traditional beatings - in the passion of the moment you leave your mark on a visible place. That's all fine and dandy for you, but her inability to cover it up with a trembling hand just makes you want to hit her more. Vagina rape leaves virtually no trace. This is the abuse that won't be seen at her work, in the school parking lot, or by her one friend who you want to kill; unless she's fucking her boss in which case you'll take a gun to the entire office.

3. It could produce you a rape child. Rape children are thought to be deep thinkers, possess introspective souls, and exude extremely innocent gazes. They tend to grow up harboring unexplained guilt, notably projected onto them by their victimized mothers. A rape child is in theory a perfect person to follow through beatings on. How satisfying the three course release of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse followed by the sweet dessert of a child's defenseless bottom? Being the product of rape, your rape child would also be a classic target of blame for your own rape actions on your wife. Think of it as an extension of original sin.

4. You orgasm from it. Sure, the feel of your fist on your wife's soft cheek is a good release, there's no denying that. But how about the feel of your pounding husbandry in her clenched vagina? Adding sexual abuse to the pot even affords you the opportunity to beat and rape your wife at the same time, and any healthy wife beater should be finding ways of incorporating abuse into the bedroom.

5. She might orgasm from it. Many women have rape fantasies, and they don't even know it until they've been raped. You could give your wife the gift of rape by someone she loves and possibly fulfill her dreams that she's never told you about. Who knows, she may end up doing more more beat-worthy things to get raped by you more often.

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