Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fuckhoo News: 3 Ways To Save At The Movies

Fuckhoo News knows how expensive movies are and how it's usually not worth it. So we have some cost-cutting tips to bring out the best of your movie experience for the least amount of buck.

1. Sneak food into the theatre.
If you bring your own food, you'll save money on the overpriced crap they sell at the theatre, plus you can bring in stuff they don't have, like KFC. If you want to bring in the whole bucket of KFC, just be careful and make sure you conceal it in a backpack or something that is large enough to fit a cardboard bucket in. Beware, however, because sometimes the ushers ask to look inside your sac. But you can also hide your 7-11 candy in your purse and put your coffee/soda in your inside jacket pockets.

2. Fix your own double feature
If you want a 2 for 1, pay for one movie, and then when the movie is over, go into another theatre where they are showing another film.

3. Don't go to the movies.

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